Our Team


Veronica Lambey

Chief  Financial Officer

My position in the business is Chief Financial Officer. My responsibilities include billing the different insurance companies that we partner with and also training others in our agency on how to do proper billing. I am also responsible for keeping a record of the invoices from our providers and determining their pay bi-monthly. Along with those duties I also communicate with one of the insurance companies we partner with to query billings that have been denied. 

Agatha Lambey

Direct Supervisor
QMHA (Medicaid Certified Qualified Mental Health Associate)
Direct Supervisor, Program Director

I am dedicated to helping others reach their full potential and find their life's purpose.

Pamela Lambey

Director of Clinical Services
I am responsible for making recommendations for services needed for clients, to include individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, psychiatric evaluation and biofeedback.
I hope Agape provides excellent service to our community and that we become the premier providers of behavioral health service.  

Our Team


Lynette Lambey-Martinez

Chief Operating Officer
My functions include Human Resources, payroll and all-around "fix-it" person.  
My prayer for Agape is that we help our families to become their best selves.  I believe that we strive to accomplish that goal everyday, one person at a time!

LaDelle Lambey

Chief Information Officer
I developed the website agapefec.com. I oversee all the social media presence and I am a Medicaid Certified QMHA.

My hope for Agape is that we are able to reach the families and individuals who need us the most.

Jasmine Lambey

Prior Authorization Requests
I am responsible for complete PARS (Prior Authorization Requests ) for all clients as well as developing Treatment Plans based on recommendations from the PARS. I am also responsible for staying current on Medicaid changes and doing research on a variety of topics. 

Our Team

Support Staff

Jalena Villafranco

Office Manager
Filing, check email, answer calls, clean office, and auditing.

Janaye Villafranco

Office Manager 
Filing, check email, answer calls, clean office, and auditing.