Agape Family Enrichment Center

From Our Family to Yours


Owners & Staff

Veronica Lambey

Chief  Financial Officer

Chief Financial Officer. Communications Liaison, and active member of Agape Family Enrichment Center. Veronica holds a Bachelors in Arts Business Administration

Agatha Lambey

Chief Executive Officer
 (Medicaid Certified Qualified Mental Health Associate, Direct Supervisor, Program Director)

Agatha holds a Bachelors Degree in Psychology, owns a Consultation Business, ‘ALAMBEY CONSULTING’ assisting individuals in starting their own business, is an active member of Agape Family Enrichment Center, and a Certified Biofeedback Technician.

Pamela Lambey

Chief Clinical Officer
( Therapist, Social Worker, and Licensed Clinical Social Worker Intern)

Pamela holds a Masters Degree in Social Work and is currently in an internship to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and an active member of Agape Family Enrichment Center. Pamela worked as Director of Case Management at Kindred Hospital and in the Medical Field for 15 years. 

Our Team

Owners & Staff

Lynette Lambey-Martinez

Chief Operating Officer
Qualified Mental Health Associate and active member of Agape Family Enrichment Center. Lynette worked as a caseworker with Child Protective Services in both Los Angeles County and Clark County for over 20 years. Lynette holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from Cal State Dominguez Hills.

LaDelle Lambey

Chief Creative Officer
LaDelle is responsible for developing  the website is Qualified Mental Health Associate and an active member of Agape Family Enrichment Center. LaDelle holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology.

Jasmine Lambey

Chief Information Officer

Jasmine is an active member of Agape Family Enrichment Center. Jasmine holds a Bachelors in Criminal Psychology and is a Certified Biofeedback Technician. 

Our Team

Support Staff

Jalena Villafranco

Internal Auditor
Jalena is responsible for discharging, dismantling, and auditing discontinued files. Charting, Requesting needed documentation, and maintaining an organized filing system and Certified Biofeedback Technician.

Dominic Martinez

Front Desk Executive/ Transporter
Dominic is responsible for over seeing therapy scheduling, filing, answering phone calls, preparing documents, organizing files, maintaining office cleanliness, other administrative duties, and transporting clients to and from agency office appointments.