• Nevada Health Centers has a Mammovan that stops at various locations and gives free mammograms with certain stipulations for low income residents: 40 and over free (depending on family size and income) Under 40, need a referral from a doctor also free (depending on family size and income) Takes a week or two to get in The direct number for mammogram scheduling is (877) 581-6266. No special contact person needed. They must bring in: Photo ID Proof of address Proof of dependants under 18 (if any) Proof of income Planned Parenthood has a Women's Health Connection Program. Free annual exam including pap smear for women over 40 (depending on family size and income). Free mammogram for women over 50 (depending on family size and income). Different locations around Las Vegas. One call center number -- (702) 547-5888. Takes months to get an appt.

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